Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What's Considered Good BBQ?

Hint's Tips Concerns Add them all!

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  1. Well for starters like some one said you have KIDS working that should be at a fastfood place, At one time 3 to 4 mounths after you guys open I LOVED it, I bragged on the food and the Staff I whent once a week now its down to 1 in 3 mu to see if has gone back to its roots, at that time you hade a older staff that had on chef coats look clean and food was great well sometimes it was cold and the waittrees said it was due to some wind blowing over the food in the window. You also sever food that you scrap mold off, you also tried to WASH of the smell of bad chicken but you cant take it out of the middle we can tast it, one day the food comes out one way the next a differnt way. get your recipes down they way you want it get old more EXP people working thire that CARE about food not a paycheck,CLEAN your floors they are sticky and look like they havent been clean in 1 year. get rid of the kids call the guys back to work that you had at open when the food was great, BBQ isn't cheap the cheaper you try to do it the worst it gets.....do this and i will be begging for S'more......